An interdisciplinary note on authorship: In Economics, authors are usually ordered alphabetically. In Global Health, first authorship is usually given to the author(s) with the largest contribution. I indicate my role below each paper to facilitate the comparison across disciplines.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Reuter, A., Smolić, Š., Bärnighausen, T., Sudharsanan, N. (2023). Predicting missed health care visits during the COVID-19 pandemic using machine learning methods: Evidence from 55,500 individuals from 28 European Countries. BMC Health Servies Research, 23, 544.
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Reuter, A., Rogge, L., Monahan, M., Kachapila, M., Morton, D. G., Davies, J., & Vollmer, S. (2022). Global economic burden of unmet surgical need for appendicitis. British Journal of Surgery, 109(10), 995-1003.
Joint first authorship with L. Rogge

Kuber, A., Reuter, A., Geldsetzer, P., Chimbindi, N., Moshabela, M., Tanser, F., Bärnighausen, T., Vollmer, S. (2021). The effect of eligibility for antiretroviral therapy on body mass index and blood pressure in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Scientific Reports, 11, 14718.
Joint first authorship with A. Kuber

Chavarría, E., Diba, F., Marthoenis, M., Marcus, M., Reuter, A., Rogge, L. & Vollmer, S. (2021). Knowing versus doing: Protective health behavior against COVID-19 in Aceh, Indonesia. Journal of Development Studies, 57(8), 1245-1266.
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Reuter, A., Vollmer, S., Aiyub, A., Susanti, S. S., & Marthoenis, M. (2020). Mental distress and its association with sociodemographic and economic characteristics: Community-based household survey in Aceh, Indonesia. BJPsych Open, 6(6), e134.
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Deichmann, U., Reuter, A., Vollmer, S., & Zhang, F. (2019). The relationship between energy intensity and economic growth: New evidence from a multi-country multi-sectorial dataset. World Development, 124, 104664.
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Working papers

Marcus, M.E., Reuter, A., Rogge, L., Vollmer, S. (2023). The Effect of SMS Reminders on Health Screening Uptake: A Randomized Experiment in Indonesia
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Reuter, A., Bärnighausen, T., & Vollmer, S. (2022). Parental health, children’s education and unintended consequences of state support: Quasi-experimental evidence from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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Reuter, A., Bärnighausen, T., & Kohler, S. (2023). Chapter 37: Global Ageing and Health. In: Bloom, D.E., Sousa-Poza, A., Sunde, U. (Eds.). The Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Ageing, Routledge International Handbooks. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY.
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Reuter, A. (2021). ODKEXPORT: Stata module to export xlsForms to readable docx or xlsx files, Statistical Software Components.